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webdesigningtrainingruchi provides the best CodeIgniter Training in Hyderabad. CodeIgniter is an open source PHP web application framework which is used to quickly build PHP applications without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. In this CodeIgniter Course, we will be covering all the tools and techniques that a PHP developer needs to wrap the things quicker than usual. Our Real time trainers will demonstrate how to install the framework, records in the database, add functionality using libraries, and finally show how to save your time using quick short cuts.

Throughout the course, Our highly experienced PHP CodeIgniter Experts will create a lot of interactive sessions for you to apply the knowledge gained in each & every session. We will be training you key concepts such as the MVC pattern and libraries, working with records in the database. Along with the essential concepts, we will cover Advanced topics like classes and helpers are to lay you a strong foundation in CodeIgniter. Through our Practical training, you'll gain the confidence to build your own applications with CodeIgniter.

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CodeIgniter Framework Course Modules

CodeIgniter Basics

  • Introduction
  • Downloading and installing CodeIgniter
  • Basic configuration options
  • Managing database settings
  • Securing the system files
  • Removing index.php from the address bar using .htaccess
  • What is MVC framework.
  • Folder Structure of CodeIgnitor.


CodeIgniter Setup and Configuration

  • Configure class
  • Configure database
  • Making seo friendly url
  • Routing of page
  • config.php, database.php, autoload.php,routes.php

First CodeIgniter Application Setup and Configuration

  • Library class
  • Creating Static page
  • Creating Controller
  • Creating Model
  • Creating view.


User Management using CodeIgniter

  • Introduction
  • Viewing users
  • Creating users
  • Editing users
  • Deleting users
  • Generating passwords with CodeIgniter
  • Generating passwords with CodeIgniter–the bare bones
  • Forgot password? – resetting passwords with CodeIgniter


Working with database in codeIgnitor + AJAX

  • Introduction
  • Configuring CodeIgniter for databases
  • Active Record – create (insert)
  • Active Record – read (select)
  • Active Record – update
  • ActiveRecord – delete
  • Looping through the database results
  • Counting the number of returned results with num_rows()
  • Counting the number of returned results with count_all_results()
  • Codeignitor with Ajax example
  • Error Handling


Session and cookie handling in codeIgnitor

  • Session
  • Creating and passing session in other page
  • Cookie
  • Creating and passing cookie in other page
  • Sending HTML e-mails with CodeIgniter Email
  • Sending attachments with CodeIgniter Email


Security in codeIgnitor

  • Filtering User Input
  • Encrypting Sessions
  • Additional Security Resources


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